Cervical Extension

Therapy Device MedX by Delphex Cervical Extension (CE)

Similar to the lumbar spine, it is also important to recondition the cervical spine by isolating specific areas during
training. With the Cervical Extension machine, it is possible to perform isolated strengthening and measure the
force curve for the cervical spine.

The isolated strengthening of the cervical muscles is assured on this device through a patented fixation system of
the upper body with a chest pad and a belt.

The head is balanced by a counterweight. The isometric force measurement over the entire ROM of the cervical
spine (126°) provides baseline data for the basis of individual treatment planning.

Throughout the entire ROM the training weight only moves a distance of approximately 2 inches. The purpose
of this design is to decrease the transfer of power involved with the movement. This reduces the dangerous
momentum forces and friction is eliminated from the exercise