A strong and flexible core provides a sound foundation for whole-body strength.

The MedX Core Spinal Fitness System is a workout system that delivers the four factors essential to spinal health: strength, stability, flexibility and endurance. The workout is delivered trough five biomechanically designed machines, which isolates and strengthens the low back, neck and torso muscles.

Reaching the point of muscular failure on conventional equipment requires months of focused training and highly motivated individuals.

MedX machines allow for a safe, effective HIT training approach. The machines have several unique features, such as:

  • The machines are optimally adapted to the individual body structure of each trainee. The machine must fit like a glove in order to be effective.
  • Even during slower movement, the friction in the machine is so low it does not affect the client. The internal friction that exists in other devices results in a reduced training stimulus during the most important phase, eccentric movement. With the Delphex machines the customer experiences a fluid movement with an appropriate resistance throughout the entire ROM.
  • Every angle of the movement exposes the body to the optimal biomechanical stimulus. This creates the feeling that the machine is following the natural movement of the body.
  • The reduced mechanics involved nearly eliminates the risk of a dangerous moment of inertia. This directly transmits the entire resistance onto the muscles of the trainee without compromising safety.
  • The fine degree in the range of resistance allows for further progression of intensity even if higher training loads have been attained. By doing so, training plateaus can occur much later.
  • The devices are so quiet they do not disturb the concentration of the client. Maximum intensity and true muscle failure can only be achieved with absolute concentration on the body and the movement.


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